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Meet Patti Barker

Growing up observing my father's wood-working skills and learning to sew from my seamstress mother, I came by my crafting abilities naturally. They instilled a love of texture and the value of something being hand-made and functional. I'm grateful to have the ability to follow my passion as a full-time American fiber artist. Exploring the abilities of various fibers and learning new techniques are my passions. As a result, I use a wide range of techniques in one-of-a-kind designs; including hand-dying, handspun art yarn, nuno felt, surface design, needle felting, beading, embroidery and sewing. Drawn to natural fibers, I enjoy rich texture and multi-dimensional pieces with vibrant color combinations.

Patti Barker lives on San Juan Island with her husband Rex... and their African Gray parrot, Baby Huey.

Some examples of Patti's Work:

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